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Ward Churchill and the Respectable Left

Ward Churchill and the Respectable Left
Macdonald Stainsby
Feb 7, 2004
originally written for Resist.ca

I remember deeply how in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 2001, there was a
tremendous number of the most vicious, racist and reactionary witch hunts
carried out–seeking to destroy anyone who would dare take a line different
than “freedom was attacked” in the smoldering ruins of the World Trade
Centre and Pentagon. There were those of us who, unlike Christopher Hitchens
and Doug Henwood (to name but two), were able to resist the need to line-up
with the new-and-improved ‘revenge’ imperialism that was about to begin a
mass slaughter of the Afghan people to install new rapists in the place of
the old, and to protect heroin traffickers and oil pipelines from our former
anti-Soviet allies who harbored yet more former CIA agents.  Of those of us
who did not immediately decide that we had no ability to stand and resist
witch hunts unseen since the days of “I have here in my hand a list of 205,
a list of names made known to the secretary of state”, many still wanted to
take a small part in the witch hunting going on. After all, jolly fun is
indeed jolly fun.

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The Right to Return and National Missile Defense: Vikings, Kalaallit Nunaat & “The Discarded”

The Right to Return and National Missile Defense: Vikings, Kalaallit Nunaat & “The Discarded”

– by Macdonald Stainsby

originally written for Left Hook, circa February 2005.

What currently remains of the antiwar movement in many places– in particular Canada– has rightly seen an importance to discussing Ballistic Missile Defense, or BMD, as an antiwar issue in the age of the “War on Terror”. However, there are issues involving BMD not even being discussed by the antiwar movement that sorely need exposure, education and hopefully, organization. And it all begins where the first European settlers, the Vikings, ended: on the largest island in the world.

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Resistance is Warranted

Resistance is Warranted
by Macdonald Stainsby

Originally written for

November 22, 2004

The warrants are being drawn up, and the people are all a buzz. The seats on the buses are being reserved to converge on Ottawa, Ontario in the northeastern half of Turtle Island to meet American President George W Bush. People whose passport reads as Canadian — every bit as affected by the recent election in the United States but like the rest of the planet were denied a vote — have other means and methods to express themselves dancing in their heads now. It has been almost exactly seven years since the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation arrived in Vancouver, in what later came to be known as “Spraypec”. Though you could be forgiven for thinking that the only thing that happened was the pepper-spraying of a bunch of kids, in actuality General Suharto (then leader of Indonesia) was a participant in the days of discussions, and activists who were opposed to his record in Indonesia and East Timor (circa: 1,000,000 killed) drew up a warrant and attempted to arrest him. This was problematic on several levels. One: Bill Clinton, the president of the US, was in attendance after sending troops into Bosnia; Chinese President Jiang Zemin was in attendance, and the list goes on. Further, beyond domestic law and the “theory” of international law, there was little in the way of a case to arrest the General.

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The Creator Vs. Canadian Imperialism: Exercise Narwhal, Gunboat Diplomacy, and Oil

The Creator Vs. Canadian Imperialism
Exercise Narwhal, Gunboat Diplomacy, and Oil

by Macdonald Stainsby

September 20, 2004   


(Swans – September 20, 2004)   Before the Republican Guard vanished on the outskirts of Baghdad in early April 2003, the US invasion had run into two major stumbling blocks in its advance on the Iraqi capital: first, there was massive guerrilla resistance that held the advancing troops back, nervous about exposing their over-extended supply lines. Second, there were major sandstorms — with granules getting inside each and every nook and cranny of the military equipment. Jeeps, tanks, even the food was reduced to a standstill or made useless by this “act of God.” At the time, with many of us hoping that this attempt to colonize Iraq would fail, I heard one friend remark “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is Great!”) in reference to the possibility that this unexpected supernatural intervention was divined. Perhaps the Creator– as the indigenous refer to it in the Arctic — is trying to prevent an ecocidal and genocidal colonization that is happening, with next to no fanfare, right now.

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What’s Your Occupation?

What's Your Occupation?

My Column from "the Other Press" in September, 2003.

Were you pissed off that the war happened, despite the largest movement for any cause in history? Well, hold on, something even better is taking place. The war machine is losing the ability to make war. Oh, it's not obvious yet. It won't be for a while, at least not to the generals and the oil administration. Well, actually, it's becoming obvious to some of the generals. These men have started demanding that the Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) send more troops. What's the problem with this? They don't got 'em.

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